Family Business Unify and Protect Your Transition and Succession Planning for Fractured Business Families BOOK A CONVERSATION

Resolve Conflict

Un-mesh family and business to take care of those you love.

Define Roles

Create a roadmap for transition and succession of leadership.

Secure the Future

Founder retirement and mentorship for the next generations.

Trudy Pelletier Consulting

Without a Plan, Everything is at Risk

Many business families are caught in a cycle of internal friction and conflict. Emotions run high. Without a road map for the future, you predict a worse case scenario for the next generation.
Choosing to not face family conflicts and fractures is selfish. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t leave continuity and succession planning to chance.


Work through complex issues like succession planning and next gen leadership development.


Business coaching including presentation skills and retirement coaching.


Inspiring keynote presentations in four categories that spark growth and understanding.


Personalized learning forums for optimizing your organizational performance.

Facilitating Difficult Conversations™

Communication can resolve anything. The problem is we stop talking.

At Trudy Pelletier Consulting, we understand the importance of effective communication in these difficult circumstances. We provide a safe, neutral process for business family facilitation where everyone can vocalize and feel accepted.

Trudy has over 10 years’ experience as a certified Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) and has been certified in several programs through the Alberta Family Business Institute. She has the innate ability to hear what’s not being said. This gives her an edge as a mediator, executive coach and facilitator navigating difficult conversations and highly charged situations.

Trudy’s data-supported processes and tools provide clarity and accountability for business families seeking resolution.

Step One

Book a conversation with Trudy to understand the needs and fit.

Step Two

Complete the Discovery Process. You’ll receive a detailed data report and road map of next-step recommendations.

Step Three

Engage in meaningful, powerful conversations. Put the processes in place to protect your family’s future and business.