Executive Coaching

Leaders Committed to Being Exceptional

Many leaders recognize that what got them to where they are; isn’t necessarily going to get them to the next level of success and performance.  Everyone has blind spots, which can be career limiting unless brought into view and addressed.  Choice is a function of awareness.  It is critical leaders discover how they impact others because, so few ask; and even then, people will rarely tell the truth.

The simplest way to lead is to go to the heart of what drives behavior – thinking.  We are taught how to alter systems and processes, not mindsets and paradigms.  We listen to what people say; rather than listen to understand their context, said another way, how they are thinking.

Common Problems Resolved

• Lack of accountability

• Limitations to produce breakthroughs in performance results

• Avoidance of tough issues and recurring conflict

Business Coaching

Partners in Business Together

In the face of success, growth, and building; relationships and communication can become strained. Conflicts surface as responsibilities change; especially if workload inequity is experienced. As critical decisions are required, you may now be bumping up against misalignment in values or gaps in follow-up and execution.

Issues and conversations seem to recur and churn. This results in seeing differences as opposed to common ground. Being anchored in opposing positions with the potential of emotions escalating impacts relationships and performance, strategy and direction, as well as leadership and communication.

Common Problems Resolved

• Churn – inability to resolve conflict

• Erosion of trust and positional listening

• Blame and resentment

Exit Strategy Coaching

Professionals Facing Retirement

Beginnings go together with endings.  The challenge is, we, as human beings don’t like endings.  Imagine creating your transition that fulfills personal dreams and professional goals.  Stop – Imagine — the peace of mind you will have from taking care of your family, your partners, clients, and colleagues — the future leaders of the business.  Imagine navigating the complexities of continuity and succession planning with clarity and purpose.  Imagine celebrating accomplishments and identifying what really matters to you; as you consider the next stage of your life.

Continuity planning for professionals facing retirement includes the dimensions of personal, family, business, future leadership, and partners.  It is not a linear process.  The roadmap is a series of conversations to design plans and structures to secure the future for everyone.  The guided process involves exploring, reflecting, acknowledging, and building.  It is a bold undertaking, that when taken with me, could be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.  It is a worthwhile endeavor requiring disciplined attention and commitment.

Common Problems Resolved

• Avoidance of planning and unwillingness to address the future

• Business risks because of stalled decisions and missing conversations

• Lack of personal fulfillment, control, and opportunities