Signature Program


Family communication is often eroded by life, especially the breakdowns, conflict and hurt we both cause and endure. Family history usually plays out in present-day dynamics. When families avoid the difficult conversations, the sense of belonging and safety is weakened.

Your family will experience being united and aligned, empowered to deal with any circumstance and be present to love, connection, freedom and understanding.

Signature Program


Partnership on Purpose illuminates how we unknowingly create friction. It provides understanding and tools to solve invisible conflicts, unspoken misunderstandings, and momentary reactions that chip away at productivity and job satisfaction.

When team members understand–truly understand–where their colleagues are coming from, a new level of success becomes possible.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Aristotle said, “Anyone can get angry–that is easy. But to be angry at the right person, at the right time, for the right purpose, and the right reason, in the right way–that is not within everyone’s power; and that is not easy.”

Emotions can make smart people stupid. All of us have had the experience of being hijacked by our emotions, or dealing with someone who has.The impact of this often creates distance between us and others; as well as leaves us with a loss of control. Emotions create connection or separation. Emotions strengthen or weaken relationships. Further to that, emotions affect teams, families, and communities. Emotions even impact our immune systems, thoughts, words and actions–on all levels.

Emotional Intelligence is the suite of competencies that gives us the ability to manage our own emotions, be aware of another’s emotional state and deal with the emotional climate in a given relationship.

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Team Performance for Breakthroughs

Leaders who are unclear or leave things unsaid produce average results. Leaders who make assumptions about the business, and who settle for surface are contributing to poor execution, average performance, and lack of accountability.

This is a team building dialogue that cultivates trust and aligns leaders, while clarifying and strengthening commitments to goals and results. Transform the hesitation to talk through tough issues, open the lines of communication, and cultivate a collaborative dynamic.

Meaningful Dialogue™ enables your team to confront the gap between behaviors and intentions to solve their own problems, reveal best ideas, increase buy-in, and improve the ability to take the right action to achieve desired results. This is the process of leadership development to be high performers.