Signature Program

The Family Communication
Workshop Series

The Paradox

Family is where we love the most; and often are most careless in what we say, how we speak, and the impact we have, especially in critical moments.

The Problem

Family communication is often eroded by life, especially the breakdowns, conflict and hurt we both cause and endure. Family history usually plays out in present-day dynamics. When families avoid the difficult conversations, the sense of belonging and safety is weakened.

• Normal, everyday ordinary communication is mostly reactive and automatic

• The human brain creates patterns driving how family members experience each other and listen

• The patterned way in which family members see and listen to each other does not allow for anything new

My Promise

Your family will:

• Experience being united and aligned, empowered to deal with any circumstance

• Identify the invisible past based experiences that are barriers to real communication

• Be present to love, connection, freedom and understanding

Your life is a network of conversations. Effective communication is a moment-to-moment phenomenon, not a destination.

– Trudy Pelletier

Workshop Series

#1 Transformation Happens in YOUR Listening

• Understand the impact of your communication
• Increase self-awareness, compassion, and empathy
• Listen newly to family members

#2 Creating Equilibrium in Your Family

• Distinguish accountability from fault and blame
• Apply tools to self-regulate, honouring you, others, and your values
• Discover the freedom to receive and deliver any communication

#3 Elevating Workability in Your Family 

• Strengthen the foundation of workability in any relationship and situation
• Expand trust, reliability, and connection
• Grow capacity to unite and align

#4 Leverage Conflict for Breakthroughs

• Have a powerful ability to transform conflict
• Recognize how the brain drives behaviour when friction rises
• Resolve hurt and dissolve resentment

Private Workshops

(includes up to 12 family members)

Each One-Day Workshop

8:30am – 5pm
Morning/afternoon breaks, 45-min Lunch

$6500 + tax

Materials included.
Facility and food not included.

Book the Series SAVE 15%

All workshops must be held within a 4 month window.

$22,100 + tax

(Reg. $26,000)

Materials included.
Facility and food not included.