Module 0

Introduction to Partnership on Purpose™

Cultivate a culture where we operate on the same side.

Ground rules are changing, doors closing, people protecting rather than engaging. Opportunities to collaborate are diminishing. These are a few of the implications the #MeToo movement is having on business, whether an organization has experienced specific related incidents or not.

The divide between colleagues is growing.

Conversations are going underground, silently allowing the mistrust to undermine performance results, leadership, and team members’ relationships.

What are your risks if you pretend your business is not impacted by the changes in how we see each other and work together? It costs, productivity, results, culture, and employee loyalty.

Start providing a safe environment for authentic partnership.

You being here means that you are on the threshold of a new world. I will provide you with unique information and original tools and distinctions, enabling you to see and understand yourself and others newly.
Watch the video to learn more about my bold promise to you.

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