Signature Program


Solve the invisible conflicts costing your workplace money, time, and talent.

What is Partnership on Purpose™?

It’s a leadership development program.
It’s bold conversations for understanding and trust.
It’s a new way of thinking for your whole team.

Partnership on purpose illuminates how we unknowingly create friction. It provides understanding and tools to solve invisible conflicts, unspoken misunderstandings, and momentary reactions that chip away at productivity and job satisfaction.

When team members understand – truly understand – where their colleagues are coming from, a new level of success becomes possible.

When I’m talking about partnership, I mean being on the same side. I mean partnership with your organization, partnership with your leaders, partnership with your colleagues, and partnership with yourself.

– Trudy Pelletier

Module 0

Introduction to Partnership on Purpose™

Ground rules are changing, doors closing, people protecting rather than engaging. Opportunities to collaborate are diminishing. These are a few of the implications, the #MeToo movement is having on business, whether an organization has experienced specific related incidents or not.

The result has been a divide between colleagues that is growing. Conversations are going underground, silently allowing the mistrust to undermine performance results, leadership, and team members’ relationships.

The only way to cultivate a culture where we operate on the same side is to create understanding, agreements and structures that provide a safe environment for authentic partnership.

What are your risks if you pretend your business is not impacted by the changes in how we see each other and work together? It costs, productivity, results, culture, and employee loyalty.

Participants will:

• Identify new and recurring challenges, and the implications on your business.

• Recognize the power of instinct.

• Learn the brain science on the duality of human beings.

• Discover how partnership on purpose creates new futures.

Module 0 Details:

• 3½ hour introduction

• Public and in-house offerings

$175/person + GST

Module 1

Partnership 360™

We have so few conversations to understand the fundamental differences between human beings.

Tension, lost productivity, misunderstanding, and friction are the results these unknown differences produce, in both personal and business relationships.

Our instincts for survival often have us working against each other rather than with each other.

Understanding how people operate differently saves time and money, increases productivity and strengthens teams. It also mitigates risk of harassment claims.

What becomes possible when we understand each other better? A culture of performance and partnership.

Participants learn:

• Why it’s so difficult to change.

• The power and pervasiveness of context.

• Tools to understand and be understood.

• Tools to generate partnership.

Module 1 Details:

• 5 days, each delivered 3 weeks apart

• 9 AM to 4 PM with  45-minute lunch break

• In-house offering, maximum 24 people

• Includes materials, does not include facilities/food

• Up to 6 hours value added coaching available, individual or group

Additional Workshops

In addition to Module 0 and Module 1, there are 7 more modules to expand your organization’s ability to cultivate partnership at work. The modules are independent of each other, enabling you to choose topics specific and relevant to your business.

Module 2: The Language of Partnership™
Module 3: Culture on Purpose™
Module 4: Diversity on Purpose™
Module 5: Collaboration on Purpose™
Module 6: Leadership on Purpose™
Module 7: Emotional Intelligence for Partnership™
Module 8: Succession on Purpose™
This new information about how human beings operate, about partnership and how we are wired differently, gives us a new lens, which provides understanding and allows for possibilities that right now aren’t available.

– Trudy Pelletier

As I recognize the modes my coworkers are in, I now know how to pick a better time to ask a question or to socialize. Understanding what mode I am in, helps me intentionally regulate my interactions.

AP, Oil and Gas Sector, Calgary

I am much more effective with my coworkers, now that I understand how we operate, and can interpret how they are engaging me.

BV, IT Manager, Calgary