How Do I Get People on the Same Page?

Discover How to Unite People on the Same Page


​​​​​​​Do you feel frustrated because people in your life are not aligned?

How would you feel if you had people on the same page living into a future that fulfills on what matters most?

Do you have a desire to have people – your spouse, parents, children, siblings, business partner(s), employees, and team get on the same page?

• Identify the biggest challenge to having people operate on the same page
• Distinguish normal from on purpose living
• Discover how to cause alignment, unity, and affinity​​​​​​​

Strategic Results for the Future of Your Family and Business​​​​​​​

Succession and Continuity Planning Conversations


• Are you avoiding starting the succession planning process?
• Have you started the succession conversation only to have it go offside?
• Are you stopped simply because you do not know how to start?
• Are you overwhelmed at the idea of planning the future?
• Are you fearful the already existing conflict will increase if you talk about the future?
• Are the conversations producing clarity and answers about the future of business and family?
• Do you have conversations that seem to go nowhere, except in circles?

The problem is most business families do not know how to start the succession conversation. Contributing barriers are conflict, fear, the emotional nature of the conversations and the busyness of today – working in the business vs. working on the business. The solution is understanding the what and how to start the succession conversation enabling you to act.

​​​​​​​The purpose of the family business webinar is to provide you with foundational knowledge and understanding on how to start succession planning. The goal is to provide you with clarity on what the next best action you can take to protect your family and assets. I will share both the process and strategic results produced by 4 family businesses with the intention you relate to their circumstances, breakthrough the barriers in your way and know the best step you can take next to protect your family and assets.