Cultivating Leadership While your Team Works Remotely

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Cultivating Leadership While your Team Works Remotely

Things really have changed this past year. We have new ways of grocery shopping, learning, and meeting with coworkers… and all of it is online. Working with others online is different than in person, especially when it comes to communicating.


This guide aims to support you as a leader, and help your team see even more success in the virtual world: cultivating leadership while your team works remotely.



Have you ever gotten so caught up in a good book or a conversation with a friend, that you suddenly notice the entire afternoon has slipped away? Losing your sense of time while working or playing means that you have fully immersed yourself in the activity. It makes us fully present in the moment.


When we work from a state of presence, we are in flow allowing us to focus and be our best. Being present as a leader has many benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Completing your work in less time and with higher quality.
  • Inspiring your team. People follow people. When you work from a place of presence, people are more likely to engage, buy-in and be their best selves.
  • Clients feel more connected or loyal to you, because of the passion that thrives and exudes when you’re fully present.
  • You’re able to think clearly solving problems when they arise.
  • It puts us in a better mood, which naturally empowers your team.



For many people and in many industries, working online is more intense and brings more stress. Being present helps mitigate those feelings. Some things to do to expand being present:



Schedule yourself five extra minutes before a meeting. Find a quiet place to close your eyes and focus on yourself. Scan your body for signs of stress, breathing deeply as you do, this can help release any tension. When the meeting starts, you’ll be less stressed, and your team will pick up on those good vibes.



This is especially important before a meeting. By keeping your phone out of sight, you won’t be tempted to shift your attention its way. Focusing on your team and the job at hand like this makes them feel valued.



Eye contact is different online. If you look at your teammate’s eyes on the screen while you talk, it usually appears that you’re looking below them. Instead, look into your camera occasionally.  This provides authentic eye contact with yourteammates making others become more present during the meeting as well.



If you’re talking to a teammate with a lot on your plate, let them know. Saying something like “I’m interested in what you’re saying,  and I can’t give you  my undivided attention right now, can we discuss this in an hour?”.



Sometimes back-to-back meetings are unavoidable. If possible, though, schedule a few minutes in between. This time can be spent clearing your mind and focusing on the new task at hand. It’s also a chance to give your eyes a break from the screen. Step outside for a few minutes to scan your body again. At the very least, stand near an open window, it will feel good to get out of the chair, and the fresh air will revitalize you for the next meeting.

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